45 days more before Christmas!! There’s always been this certain glow wherein when I know Christmas is incoming, I get really excited. Im honest but I prefer giving than receiving. I saved up my tights last year just to buy presents for my loved ones. I usually focus on giving for my mom and brother. You may ask, why not my dad? Well,it’s because the things he wants are a bit pricey. He goes for really branded and pricey stuff. But hey, I gave him chocolates for Valentines, using my own savings! Back to Christmas, the most exciting part is, somedays before Christmas, we go out of the country! I think we went to Hongkong last year. Oh dear, we went there several times already. We celebrated Christmas there halyconly. It was a bit sad because we were distant from the ones we love.

So when it was 12:00,we called our dad, greeted him, I gave my cards to mom and my brother, then we ate cookies. Mrs. Fields are the best cookies in this planet! They’re not like the hard usual but it’s super soft and balanced sweet! The sad thing is, Hongkong celebrates Christmas like nothing. No brighter lights, the same mood, not even a single preparation. So we didn’t feel the spirit there. But that’s okay. So I expect this year’s Christmas to be bright and joyful! To be honest, I’m not looking forward to recieving. It makes me happier if I make someone happy. But in another side, I feel happy to if someone is willing to give something. Big or small doesn’t matter. It’s the message that’s in it.

So advanced Merry Christmas! =|


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