All Souls Day

Some people I know are ought to be scared at this day. But I’m like “whaaaatttt? Seriously” because this day was intended for visiting your dead relatives or loved ones ,so whats to be scared about? But habitually, we treat all souls day like any other day. We don’t really go to the cemetery to visit someone. Perhaps, it’s because there’s not that many in our family that died already. By not visiting any soul, don’t acknowledge me as someone mean or careless because I pray for the souls to rest in peace. I’m running out of topic… Think fast, Nika! Okay here’s one question that popped out of my mind. When you die, what kind of funeral would you want to have? I already got an answer set in my head.

I wouldn’t really wan’t a sad funeral wherein people wear everything black then as their tears fall from their eyes, their mascara or whatsoever smudges then they look really scary. Like nuh-uh. I don’t want to have a sad funeral. I wan’t it to be less darker but not too bright. I want people to be a little happier and lessen up the pain. I don’t want them getting really happy and bright because like why would they be happy I’m dead?

But in another side, I want it to be super luminous and bright, wherein all the people are super happy since I already rested in peace. And… I want my coffin to be like sunk in the river. I know it’s weird but I find it nice. And to end it up, I wan’t to end all in prayer.

Lol. Why am I thinking of this?


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