Homeworks… Argh

Okay so before I get blogging about Day 4, just saying that this sembreak got me working. By the word “break” in it, I thought they took it literal, but NO. I know I’m nothing against homeworks but just to say, it is stressful. Our projects that are needed to be passed by the end of sembreak are really hard. Like, emegesh I need to do 2 journals, how can I recon the events that happened day by day. Plus, there’s this thing we need to do in English wherein we need to list some stuff then “PDF” whatever it is. Wait, I don’t even know what PDF is. You can give me face palms now. There we go again. Cram. But I already done the latter parts of the projects so it’s only the little things I need to focus on. May you prosper on your homework making as God is with us.
😓Feeling tired


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