Again, the hotel was our breakfast spot. Our dress today is our P.E uniform. At last! Whenever I wear that, it feels like heaven getting free to move around=} First stop was Nestor Archival’s Eco-house. The community inside and outside looked so nature-ish. Sad to compare that Manila’s atmospheres are combined with poisonous gas, only few trees are seen and it seems like only few people really cares for this community. While in Cebu, the air’s aroma smells like the freshest green leaves, cooling and soothing to feel. All pure without any gases interfering. Trees are surrounding the area and people as I can see worked hard for a living. Back to the eco-house, where we saw a wide variety of nature’s gift, there were animals that were amazement to our eyes and a house that inspired us that nature provides such beauty. We got to meet Sir Nestor, he shared tips and as what he said, I have decided to share and spread the word. He said for every of your birthday, plant a tree. Not only it supplies food but oxygen. For just 1 tree, a lot can already benefit from it.

We had lunch at Golden Cowrie. It was my first time tasting atchara. It’s some sort of sour sweet vegetable thingy. Then, we went to Tres De Abril Marker. It’s a spot where an event occured. Exactly there. Then, Tabo-an Dried Fish Market. We bought again, dried seafoods like Danguet and dried squid. There was an election there wherein cars get to parade in either luminous or bright lights. People had smiles plastered. Then I remebered a thing. A kid like at the age of 8 was riding a small truck as he was part of the parade. He saw us, students and he danced the Gangnam style while doing a bad finger. I found it WEIRD. That’s one word to describe it.

We went to Harbour City to have dinner. That resto was located in Ayala. So after that, we bought chips at the super market. We went back to the hotel. Some watched walking dead while we decided to call the others. Like, telephone hopping. We ate chips and marsh mallows. Thanks, Sophie bear! And Sephie bear! I had a bash with you both! And the incident that happened. I’m laughing. Really. Got to remeber, it was our last night so we made the most of it. I remebered that today, Sephie made this soup made out of water, juice and potato chips. Surprisingly, it tasted good! So that’s all.

Wait for Day 4:)


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