VLC:Day 2

Again, we woke up by 4:30. We had breakfast at something like 6:30 in the hotel. Today’s dress code was blue shirt and jeans so we were pretty much eye-catching to the people around us. Our first stop was Philippine Brand Dried Mangoes. That spot was actually one of my favorite because I love dried mangoes! The guide there toured us all away to where the production and the making was done. First, “fresh fruit recieving”. This is where they receive the mangoes. Next, ripening. They receive the mangoes green but they need it yellow so they wait until it ripens. Third, cleaning. They wash the mangoes making sure its squeaky clean. Fourth, pasteurization. It’s where they preserve the mangoes. It’s actually the one that complicates the process. Last is drying. Pretty obvious they called it “Dried Mangoes”. What excites us the most is this is the first time we spend our allowance and buy delicacies or souvenirs for our parents or friends. All of us bought dried mangoes but I think I’m trapped or limited in all I bought so I came cheap in buying stuff. Till now I haven’t tasted the dried coconuts. Gia said it was good that’s why it caught my eye the spot I went to the store.

It was pretty fast we went at Sunburst to have lunch. It wasn’t quite different because we ate chicken. We were noisy at most times but had control in the intensity of how we speak. After lunch, We watched a movie. There were different rooms wherein different movies are played. We watched “Sunny”. That movie IS so good right bear sisters? Namely (Kyla- Piggy Bear and Princess-Aki Bear) Forgot to say we made up those names ti create our own fraternity. I’m by the way Kesha Bear. Back to “Sunny”, it’s a Korean comedy. All about a group of girls who also had a fraternity named “Sunny”. So the bear sisters pretty much related to it. It’s all about the members having flashbacks about the fun, enemies, hate, love, crushes, bad words, bullies, friendships that happened in school. Flashback since now, they’re adults. What inspired me most is how they’re friendship bonded all way through stages of life. How they are still for each other and how happy they went. Even through the baddest times, a smile will plaster in their faces. Sad to see that their leader died but they danced for her.

I remembered we next went to Shamrock Otap where otaps are sold. I bought to packs of it. Then I think we went to the hotel to have dinner. The venues were few but we had long time staying.

Stay tuned for Day 3đŸŽ¶đŸŽ¶đŸŽ¶


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