To be honest, I’ve lately been talking about the VLC , a lot. And, I might’ve been over reacting at those times. But this time, it’s totally real! I can’t believe it’s only tomorrow we’ll get to prepare for the flight! Then when the next day comes, It’s VLC already! I think I’m in a very bad luck since I’m in batch one, which means, were the batch who gets to come there first. I’ll stop complaining and get to the point. VLC just like bursts me out! I can’t explain it in text but the feeling is precisely like… Uhm… let’s say winning a lottery then going out with you’re friends to go all loco about shopping sprees. I’m not sure if a guy will feel that way.

I’ve seen AVP and pictures from the last batch who went _LC. They seemed to have fun. I only got like ‘terrorized’ when I knew that the first batch who had LLC(was it?) were too obnoxious. Like they went room to room then had some punishments to face. Of course it got me motivated to behave well and do the instructions pointed out time by time. Some or most of the grade 7 also got scared. To be honest, I don’t think I can sleep in VLC without going room to room :P.

Next are… Expectations! I expect VLC to be… Sounds cliche but, fun! I’m not just looking forward to the fun part. I’m willing and whole-heartedly would want to learn and not be a clueless-about-Cebu person! I want to know the stories behind the great people, the wonderful structures, or even the famous delicacies:)))!! This will really be fun because it’s learning, at the same time being with your classmates!

Phew. For a second thought, I thought we were gonna be moved by January caused by the earthquake. Good news we got a letter from the Golden Prince hotel that they’ll promise to keep us safe and sound. I just hope after shocks won’t occur when we get there. Teachers said we were going to experience aftershocks but its identified whether it’s strong or light intensity.

Pray for Visayas:D


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