Some friendly reminders=”)

Just right the spot where the VLC orientation occured, the teachers gave us rules to always remember in order to keep us organized. I always remember this rule wherein that you need to avoid excessive talking inside or outside the hotel. We need to be very disciplined because were holding the school’s name and we don’t want to be named as Meridian students; students who study in public school. Nuh-uh. As we are holding the school’s name, we need to act decent, disciplined and educated. Related to this, were not allowed to go room to room like what I said in my other blog. When room to room usually occur, a bunch of noises are fighting all over which could irritate the other people’s stay and we don’t want to be the cause of that.

Inside the room, we should also be orderly and clean, Our luggages needs to stay in one place, organized in a line and closed. People don’t wanna see scattered ,wrinkled clothes too. Not only it’s very displeasing but it can cause a loss of things. You should also dress appropriately depending on the cloth code. Like what our teacher said, try dressing comforatbly specially for the girls. No heels please! Especially short shorts/skirts or tubes! Be as conservative as you can!

This is important! Watch out for your belongings! Pick pockets are everywhere! Once you lose something, specially when it’s small, it’s very hard to find already. Just take care of your things. Last, as I remembered, stay with your partner! Even in the bathroom, stick to them, Well that’s what teacher _________said.

I know there are a lot of rules. Maybe I’m too lazy to list em’
-anyways,,, goodbye:”>


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