My Way On Diary Writing

I’m planning to write my thoughts in a diary again. And this time, I meant it REAL.DEAL. I mean whenever I start writing on a diary, I only consume 1/4 of the notebook. Chances are, I stopped because I’m too tazy,I’m stressed, or it’s either my mom finds out my diary and starts reading it. Lesson learned: Pick a notebook with a key or with some number lock thingy.

As usual, I’ll bullet some points on my way on diary writing:))

1. Write the date and the day- That’s how Nikki Maxwell does it. Write the date and the day. So if you ask, why not the date only? Well, people oftenly get confused and ask” wait, what day is Dec.19″!? So that’s how it works.

2. Be real- Oh come on. Don’t tell me your gonna lie. Most especially in a diary. Like, shiz dude. You lie in a diary? Then what’s the use of it anyways?

3. Humor – Using humor will definetely make everything lively. I like it how Eya and Nikki uses funny words. And thats the secret to a best-selling book. A spice of laughter.

4. Drawings- Drawings are my favorite part of a diary book. You don’t need drawings unless you’re as good as Eya in both humor and writing. But drawings, I say are a must!

5. Use of words- Don’t be too formal writing jn your diary. Use some slang-gentle words. Follow the SVA rules as it is a must. 😛

6. Notebook picking- Choose a notebook that suits your taste and your vibes. lol. Don’t push yourself too much on eco-friendly stuff when you’re not really into it. Just sayin.

Hope I helped you:))


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