A-F of Real Beauty

Acceptance- Learn to accept who you are. You have big eyes? Accept the fact and thank God for that grace he’s given to you. Always say this infront of the mirror “I’m beautiful” or if you’re a guy “I’m handsome” :D.

Bravery-Don’t be a coward. Stand up for you’re self. Real girls don’t let their greatest fears be trapped inside them. They fight it out and overcome it.

Concern- Don’t just think about yourself! Think about others too! Being concerned about them will act like you’re a person with a kind soul.

Daring- Never be afraid to try out what you want to try. This is a free country. XD. We have the privelege to do whatever makes us happy. Except if it’s related to stuff like murdering.

Enthusiastic- Be enthusiastic. Don’t let out that pouty lips and frown! Be happy and people will get to like your attitude more.

Faithful- Faithfulness brings a lot of hope. Always remember that. Have faith in your friends, God, and your family.

Sarreh if I only named 6.

Hope its helpful;)


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