Okay, trying not to go really nutz about it, 3 MORE DAYS TO GO! I can’t wait! If you’re all like what about ,then it’s the VLC I’m talking about! I can’t imagine that. 4 days without any from my normal life. What I meant was for 4 days I ain’t going to see my parents and my dog! >.< Talk about learning how to be responsible.

For 4 days I need to know how to do things on my own. And I need to learn to be more socialized with my room mates. Which I already am since my roommates are actually the people who I’m with in my chinese tutorial. Which is Sophia and Leora. There’s been some changes. Princess, Moriah and Kamilles been kicked out. That’s okay. My recent room mates are actually okay too.:))

I can’t believe how many people I’m going to miss. And the resumption of class will be on November 4. I swear I’ll spend this short vacation wisely. Finally, a time to relax. So that’s all for now


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