One of the hardest field in Language fest for me is debating. Actually, I didn’t join the debating but my impression to it was hard. I mean one of my classmate joined it then at the time he stepped right on the stage, he didn’t say anything.I wouldn’t talk much about him so he won’t get embarrassed.

I learned the art of debating in English. We were asked to debate about the scent of apples. When my teacher announced that that was going to happen, my heart went _tug-dug-dug_________ good thing there was a 1 minute for your group members to help out. So that was what saved me. 

Here I am, giving out tips again. And this time, debating. Here we go!

1. Actions speak louder than words! – It’s pretty boring seeing a speaker who just talks and talks. To make things look more fun and to emphasize your words, make it in action! For example, your trying to say your points, you can punch your palm to make it look like your serious.

2.Speak louder!- Speaking louder attracts the audience more and makes it look more clarified. Having a low voice means your boring and dull. It’s like having a brain that doesn’t speak at all.

3. Points, points, points!!!- This is very important! you better have good points! Research about other people’s opinion about the topic and mix it up to create one scene. Ask yourself too. “What will I feel or what’s my reaction to this stand?”

4. Speak formally- Saying slang things or foul words makes you look uneducated and makes it look like your sources came from nowhere. You better speak decently specially when the audience are educated people.

5. Try to be kind of funny- Having a LITTLE humor makes the civilians appeal to you more. Why not give it a try?

6. List it!- Debates usually allow speakers to have a list of points. Jot em’ down so you won’t forget. Say all your listed points 5x.

7. Eat!- You can’t debate without energy. Eat!


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