The Way To Win at School

imageWhat’s on your mind now is you can’t beat the smartest kid in school, right? Well, believe it or not, you can! I’ll share you one of the most common way doing it.

1. Read ahead!- or also known as read in advance. This is a really great idea so you won’t get clueless while the topics being talked about. Plus, you’ll be more involved in recitations! Which means, plus points!

2. Be attentive- Face it but when hard topics come, you always lose your focus, but make an effort to listen and jot down notes! Do you know that taking down notes helps you remember more easily?

3. Ask!- Don’t just hide the questions from yourself! Ask your seatmate or any approachable person! You may even ask your teachers! Did you know that one time, a teacher told me that she appreciates a student asking her a question. Ask your teacher after class if you misunderstood somethings or you may even ask a relative.

4. Get up and try and try and try!- Always accept failing! It’s really normal, Failing teaches us a very valuable lesson in life which means to get up and try again. There’s nothing wrong with trying! Side all those bashers because they’re just jealous of your abilities. Step up closer and closer to what you look forward to!

5. Weaknesses first- You’re good at English but bad at Math. prioritize your weaknesses first! I’m not saying trash your strengths. if you’re bad at Math, improve. Read more and study in advance. Ask authoroties! While in English, do the same, but donate a little time for Math.

You can do it!


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