Talents To Breakthrough!

All of has a specific talent. God gave it to us so we can be a one-of-a-kind and not just sitting in the corner feeling so unliked and common. Talents are the ones that name us. Talents are assets. We are known for it and it shapes us. Before we go start with the tips, I’d like to explain further. Talents may be singing, dancing, juggling, bending, and the like. But did you know being smart is a talent too? Well ofcourse you know that. Anyways, like what I said, bending. I can bend my 10 fingers at the same time. I meant it like my joints are facing forward. Sounds creepy buy it doesn’t hurt.

Okay. Here are sometips to breakthrough and go to the spotlight.

1. Enhance ✨- I know those times when you’re good at singing but when it comes to the stage, your voice sounds like a cockroach. It seems like when you’re at home, you’re all so give-it-all and confident. You gotta admit it… well I’m right, right? So just don’t get shy because you’ll look more of an untalented person being like that. It’s better to enhance. Sing out loud and smile!

2. Practice❗️- When you’re good at it doesn’t mean your a pro at it. You still need to practice! You might not know, you suddenly discovered a certain feature while practicing and it can make you more popular. So go on and DANCE, DANCE,DANCE!(if you like dancing)

3. Believe 💥- Believe you can do it for extra- confidence! if you’re too ashamed, it will just add up to your concsiousness. So know you can ignite!

4. Don’t get so over-confident📢- Be considerate so they’ll get inspired by you more! a true star shares their knowledge so it can spread world wide and not only keep it to himself so the others will also enjoy what you do!

That’s all for now, Don’t be scared to show your talents!!!!!! 🎸🎷🏀🏈⚽️⚾️🎾🎱🏉🏊🏄🎣


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