Take Notes Like A Pro

Taking notes is a harsh thing to do. I mean, we all have the same opinion right? It’s hard to catch up, you’re teacher blabbering taking every single word she says. Being tensed, you just didn’t get a cent of what she said since you were more focused to taking down notes. Here are sometips to atleast lessen those letters and simplify your notes while still understanding the concept.

1.What is the main part of the concept?

Summarize all the tackled things first and ask yourself. What is this for? What is the main fact of this? This will help you out by lessening it all up, plus you wont get all loco getting confused of what the real meaning of the lesson really is.

2. Terms, terms, terms.

Terms are really important. It works as well as the characters of a certain story. Without terms, the definitions will not only be unrecognized or hard to remember, but it will turn out unorganized. It will clatter up to your mind while some particles of your brain are asking : Emgeee! what’s this? and what’s that? which is what? 

3. Highlight! 

Highlight the important meanings so you wont get all paper scatters flying all over your mind. As scientists have shown, highlighting with a BLUE highlighter helps remember more a term.

4. Terms, actual example!

Get confused of whats this on your notes? Try giving out actual examples. Like for example, the specific term is GRAVITY. Giving an example, a pencil falling from a table. You can even draw for a more wow-factor.

5. Handwriting

Let’s face the truth. It’s lazy-ish to read seeing all scattered up handwritings. Be sure your handwriting is really nice and understandable.


So, that’s all I know. Be sure your taking down notes that are NOTE WORTHY! 💌


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