Well, Eccomunity. Ecommunity wasn’t fun for me at all. It was really exhausting. I can’t imagine how many times I went up and down to get the mop, put up the banners, get tape, get the USB, look for paint, I can’t dictate all, but I went through these things. I just hope my efforts were worth for the best of the program. I really didn’t expect this task given would be really big. I thought we were only given for a few assignments, but no. I made the caption. It was nose-bleeding. It’s really hard to think of a caption to suit to the picture.

Next, i did the banner. Painting and stuff is totally a big mess up. Our first banner went boom. The splash and mixture of colors weren’t compatible with each other. So it was a big mess. Since my mom noticed how disturbing it looked, so she gave me another cloth and we painted it. My mom is so artistic! She knows what to match with what.

Last, or maybe next, we campaigned. The elementary students were actually more generous and supportive than the highschool ones. Well, except for grade 8. There was so many grade 8 students for the movie “Epic” than “The Day After Tomorrow.” They are so baby-ish. I hate campaigning. When I reached to “Bose” they were pushing me to be the first one in. I dont even know why. I was about to run but they pulled me back.

I just hope tomorrow will be successful!


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