Stay up!❤️

Have you ever been bullied or judged? It does hurt, right? Well, obviously it does. It’s like those times when people gossip about you, saying offensive stuff, at the same time spreading them. It really hurts specially when you know your friends are the ones doing those. So in this blog, I’ll give you tips how to deal with being in those situations!

1. Just totally be calm – when you say back offensive stuff about them, the gossips just going to be harsher. Don’t answer back or react easily when the gossips came right to you. Trust me on this. The best way is to literally act like nothing has happened.

2. Talk in a respectful manner- Is what they’re doing taken it’s level up on high voltage already? Feel like exploding? Well, don’t. As we are educated people, let’s act like one. Talk to that person in secret and kindly tell him/her to cut off the spreading deal. Tell him/her how you feel so he/she will seriously understand.

3.Change- is that gossip about you true or false? Check for true? well, change it! That manner your’e showing to them might as well be utterly disturbing for them. Remember, people are different. 

4.Try to fit in with them- Is that a group of gals? Wait uhhh they’re the one who started the gossip scheme thing right? Show them the best version of you and say a simple hi or be friends with them! In that way, they’ll influence you on how to act decently plus, no more gossips! Just be sure the picks are good influencers.

I hope I helped you in any ways! 📷C6PTUR3!!!


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