I bet 100% or let’s say 99.9% of the world’s population have insecurities. Just like me. What makes me insecure, first of all, is I think I’m fat. Being fat is seriously not good. Next, my hair. I know you know what my hair looks like. Screwed up, frizzes, split ends, you can imagine! But hey, no lice! Actually there’s more things I’m insecured about. My purpose here are to give you tips how to deal with it:

1. Nobody’s perfect- It’s normal having pimples or whatever because everyone undergoes through those stages. But if you have a permanent lump something on your face, think of it as unique. Lol. Nobody but you has it right?

2. Try your best!- Feeling insecure about your body odor? Then why don’t you hit the showers and try to smell good? We just make life so much harder for us not thinking there’s always something simple.

3. Think positive- Having insecurities? Think positive that it’ll go away soon. Being stressed about it worsens it.

4. Be confident- It’s only the outer, not the inner. Whether your pretty, kindness is still true beauty.

5. Look for the good features of you, not the bad- why do we always need to look at the dark side and not the good? Your’e fat? At least you have a good smile! (korni) Anyways, yeah.

So that’s a short blog. Sorry I was rushing, but baybay~_~


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