DNP fan forever!!!<3

I am so addicted to DNP (Diary ng Panget!) I just got book 2 yesterday and I already finished reading it. How did I know that book? Well, my friend, best friend, Arella recommended timagehat book to me. At first, i thought It was somehow like any cheap to read tagalog books, but no. OMG this is like so much better than the other English books I read! It’s just like Dork Diaries, but better! This is the first time I had a book which I can never put down. I’m totally concentrated reading it! I guess it is a matter of fact, an obsession!

I like it how the book consists of both comedy, love and hate. But I think it still suits for younger ones because the only thing I like about it is the comedy part. How she uses those words as expressions makes me laugh. So the main characters are as illustrated on the cover. Lorraine Keet ( the one on the upper left) is a British girl who is also Eya’s best friend. Upper right is Chad Jimenez, also Eya’s bestfriend. He likes Lory very much. Like really. Lower left we have Cross Sanford. Eya’s arch enemy and the Campus hottie (they say. tsk tsk) and Lower right is REAH(EYA) Rodriguez. She’s actually the main character and the funniest. So that’s all. Wanna know the story? Read it. No spoilers!


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