Math Olympiad

Our year’s math scheme is called “Math Olympiad” we might want to put ” problem solved” in there. Okay. So that’s what it’s called. Speaking of Math Olympiad which we just had last, last Friday, in my opinion, it was fun (because of the movie part). But before we go to that point of view, as how every blog goes, let me start at the beginning. Math Olympiad, on the first place made me so frustrated. I was like “Why the hell am I joining Math Olympiad when I’m so clueless at it?” realizing the purpose of the event was to make us improve in Math (which haven’t occurred). I didn’t really learn anything since I’m a clueless person when it comes to Math.

First things first. So first thing that happened was inspirational talks. I don’t have any idea why it has “inspirational” on it when I didn’t actually get inspired. There was just an invited engineer who spoke and said stuff. And he answered our questions while we questioned his answers. I was very surprised to be called to speak in mic to like say our recent Math lesson. I was just like “Uhm, the distributing thing” nothing big but, yep.

So next we had the quiz bee. Our grade 7 contestants, as I remembered were Vivienne(as always),Sophia, Moriah R., Eduardo, J.D, Kamille, Gia, Wren, then I forgot. Sorry if I offended but I was mind blocked. I was surprised of the other contestants specially, Esperancilla. Yep. He made it to top 10.

We watched Life of Pi next but we didn’t finish it. It so sucks! They let us watch a movie, like I was so concentrated to it then they just stop it? @&$?’$@’n So next we had the Deal or no Deal. I didn’t even do a single thing! really! Then next we had the game stations. I also didn’t do a thing, plus, we didn’t finish it, and again, $&@&)!!?’, So, how are these games going to help me. That’s okay though. I realized I need to gain my maths. 


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