Its Friday, Friday, Gotta Get down on Friday, Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend!

Today is really a diverting day! When I say it’s fun, I’m not goofing around right now. So my Friday went like this. I got to school, and I do that regularly, so what about? Anyways, the fun started at Music. Not ACTS because we did the usual stuff so I’m not that thrilled about it. So, music. I really loved Music today because we accomplished making and singing the song for the Ecommunity! Though, Charm’s group was the best. But at least we did and exerted effort.

Next was P.E. Oh, I so love P.E! For a second thought, I thought we would be playing that old badminton sport clingy thing. But it turned out we would be playing Volleyball. I so hate that sport and thats an FYI about me. The game started, I was tensed since I’m really bad at that game. Like, super. But at least I think I gained improvements right now. Not saying I’m good, okay?

Hmmmm,,, Arts? Not that thrilling. But guess what came next? We came to Michaela’s house and went swimming! I wasn’t like “Omgeee this place is a palace!” because I already did swimming lessons there before. So I kind of like am used to that place. But it was fun! People who came were Charm, Leora, Michaela( obviously because it’s her place), Nathan, Mia,Eunice,Antish,Erica, Kamille. The the boys came. But they were few. They were Matthew, Guido, Eduardo and Hymn, They also came late so they missed the stuff.

I went home the first amongst them, which was sad. Well, the purpose of going there anyways is for our shooting of the video for our Eccomunity. But I think some of my classmates are still there. One of them, is specifically, Nathan. I just think. I wish I was there. Imagine all those food! Pizza, chips, and much more! So that’s all for my Friday.

I’ll be looking forward playing badminton with my brother tomorrow cause I think I lack practice in sports nowadays.


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