I really love Sundays (not the sweet ones. The day. Though, I love Sundaes too!) So, today is Sunday and I’ll tell you how my Sunday went so far. First things first so what we first did was get me a haircut! I thought it’d be a great idea to chop my hair and go for a medium length then have some full bangs, but when the result was shown, I look so 👎. Seriously. Why!? I wish I haven’t forced my mom for a haircut. Then after I had my hair-thing, we went to the church. I was kinda sleepy but I tried my best to feel awake by pinching my self.

Then we went to Crossings. Believe me or not, I saw Gia’s sister! I’m not sure if she noticed me. Maybe not, since I had a hair-cut. The thrilling part was, I bought the book “Diary ng Panget”. I’ve been reading that in wattpad for like forever, but know, I have a hard copy! Beat that! lol. Then we went to the department store to buy a racket. Believe me, the rackets are pricey! I was looking for a light weight but they gave me one thats really light. So that’s okay. Oh, uhm, and then a little kid hit me with something accidentally. I guess he might’ve thrown it. Thinking he’s a pro in throwing. I think it was a kick pad he threw. 

Then we went home. Our dog was so behave and that was unusual. He would usually jump over us, but now, hes all like boooooo… It wasn’t the cause of diaper rash, right? I thought he was hibernating. Its really mysterious…

So I’ll just hug him.



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