Oh yeah, Finally! After years of waiting, it was finally announced. By that, I meant the VLC roommates!!! I was relieved to hear my roommates were actually the people I expected! I think having so much fun with them will be possible. I don’t think we can say our roommates in a blog, but who cares? So my roommates are Princess, Moriah C., Kamille, and Sophia. But my “learning buddy” is actually Princess and I’m happy about it! What I like about my roomates is that they seem out-going, fun and they don’t seem “choosy” I don’t know… how do I translate this in English, but “maarte”. Yeah. They’re not”maarte”.

VLC will be really fun, and that’s what I think. To be honest, when we go to a certain place, or even somewhere out of the country, I look forward to the ” fun part”, by that, I meant FUN. FUN like how you feel while playing video games. Not FUN learning.I guess I don’t need to exaggerate fun by capitalizing it but, yeah. And for my other “To be honest”s, I don’t learn a single thing when we go somewhere. I guess I learn a little but not that much and so that’s why I expect VLC to be FUN and educational.

For my last to be honests,,, My most favorite part here in this VLC thing, sounds cliche ,since everyone likes it too, but, what I like is getting to be with your roomates and doing crazy things together. Not getting far, we’ll never break the rules!

So that’s it, I’ll be looking forward for your VLC blogs.;)


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