Normally, all of us HAVE best friends, and we’ll never live an exciting life without them, right? If you’ll ask, who is MY best friend, it’s going to be my cousin. And to specify, her name is Arella. You’d be surprised but we’ve been friends since we were 1 month or something like that. Until we grew older, our bonds also grew stronger. She’s not like any other best friends I have. She’s really simple and funny. She’s super care-free and doesn’t care what she’d look like, unlike me, I’m conscious. She doesn’t care even if she’s wearing a boy’s tee and lot’s of people can see her. She even wore a communion dress- like on her prom night. That’s why I think she’s amazing and unique.

She’s a friend who’ll listen to you in times of hardships. To be honest, most of my best friends doesn’t seem to care about what I’m going through, and I think she’s really amazing because she’s a good listener and an advice giver. She’s very talented. She’s good at singing and dancing. She just hides it. She even tried belly dancing one time. She has a good sense of humor and she never gets mad easily. She never says foul words in my face and she seems decent.

I want her to know how shes been a really good part of my life. Shes none like the others whom I’ll just forget. I’ll never forget her. And I swear, even if I already grew up, she’ll still be my #1. We have lots of interests and one of those is fan girling. She loves DJP and I love Jake Vargas. She likes 1D, I like 1D. She likes Pink, I like Pink! We also love whipped cream. Sounds crazy. and we also love icings. PLUS were both chocoholics!

We just reunited yesterday. It’s been a long time we’ve seen. Maybe 1 month? haha. We twerked and stuff and sang Just Give Me a Reason while recording it using my phone.

So that’s all. Bye!


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