What To Be…

I always imagined what I will be 10 years from now. As I am still juvenile, you might not know but I always have phantasms of what my life would be. And on this blog, I’ll share what I have always visualized. As of now, my heart leads to a pathway of being a journalist. I’m not saying my grammar is perfect or I’m not even saying my grammar is decent or at least credible. But what brought me to this course are inspirations. Lots of litterateur had inspired me of the books they made. Not only the story to which I liked but the story behind it. I like the message of it that no matter how hopeless things get, striving for dreams will pull us up and fix us. I think I’m getting outta’ topic, so anyways, the reason why I’ve been dreaming of being a journalist is because I’m not really a person who speaks one’s thoughts orally.

As a matter of fact, I’m a “written” person. I don’t know what term to use but as far as I know, I’m more comfortable expressing my inner deep thoughts by writing it. And that’s why I blog, most of the time! Writing. for me is better because I don’t like people hearing or seeing me deliver something, thats written by me, well yeah, because if I do, probabilities are, mannerisms. Also known as stage fright. Even though there’s only 2 people or maybe even 1, I tend to get really shy. 

To be a better litterateur,  I plan to memorize at least 5 words a day from the dictionary. It can’t be like school is the only reference to whom I’ll depend on, to where I’ll learn things. I want to be somehow, at least more resourceful. So just to advice you, what inspires you, motivates you is the one who you should really follow. If it came to your instincts saying “This is it” what’s your problem, make the elements and start it now! Start from the little until improvement hits us one by one and we’ll end up to something big!

_Capture_ wh@t5 1n y0ur h34rt! 🎥📷📹


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