No Classes Today

I didn’t expect that there will be no classes today. The weather was starting to be fine yesterday yet, another heavy rain came. Though, as I can see right now, the clouds are beginning to look sky blue and clear again. Finally. So it’s pretty obvious that I hate rainy days.  i hate that kind of feeling that,when even though you took a shower already, it still feels very humid and sticky. I also hate the dark clouds. Why? because the darkness makes 3:00 look like it’s 5:00 already. I just don’t hate heavy rains because of my personal complains. I hate seeing people striving to survive, watching them in poverty. We would most likely not feel their’ pain because it didn’t happen to us but if it did, the realization starts.

So speaking of no classes, what I plan to do today is just home studying and do the mega over load homework our teacher just sent to us today. And thats one more thing why I hate this No Classes Day scheme thing. They give twice as many homeworks than the usual. You might not know, but it’s very stressful. Ugh, this was suppose to be another day of schooling but that rain hit this country again. Weather is complicated. I assure you.

I don’t know what to do today so I blogged. I think I’ll just do my homeworks later. Stafe! (shortcut for stay safe)


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