Why Miley…? Why??

Miley Cyrus… All I could give to her now is a big face palm. I mean, have you ever seen her on the VMA(Video Music Awards)? Have you seen her perform “We Can’t Stop”? and lastly, have you noticed her big change? When I watched her video, my least expected was expected. I was so shocked. Her good old innocent and humorous Miley turned into a non-educated like horror freak.

Okay, so I’ll tell you what she did on her performance. She twerked, stuck her tongue out, and winked unattractively at almost 3.99/4 of her performance. Would you just imagine that? Twerking when millions of people are watching you? The Smiths family was even there. And worst, One Direction was there! Why would she make a bad impression on One Direction? So Miley really changed. Really.

I was really shocked because habitually, I watch Hannah Montana. And if you guys know, Miley stars at that show. I think she looked very pretty, kind, plus, she always made me laugh! But you’ll die of shockness watching her performance. She changed her naturally brown hair into something scene, she wore super red lipstick, which btw, she like just does that sometimes before, but now, she’s all addicted to red lips, then she changed her clothes! She was ought to be my fashion role model since I like it how she rocked that punk, sassy country vibe. But now, I guess I’ll never approve of what she’s wearing. All tights and unconservative.

So, Miley, If you read this, I’m begging you to go back to normal…


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