PDAF: Pork Barrel

So today, I’m making a current event about the holocene matter ongoing here in the Philippines, as we can also call “The Pork Barrel Sandal”. If your’e going to ask me which side I’d choose, I’d be in the opposition. I have gazzillions of reasons on why I’d disagree with the issue, but I guess I’ll just say a few points here in my blog. haha.
So anyways, If we had to blame someone, It has to be Janet Lim Napoles and some government officials. I think its very stupid of them to get taxes or for a more informal term, “stealing” our money. Taxes are supposed to be slided down to the progressing of our country, then it just went to corrupt officials. One more thing. She think she has the right to boast her “stolen” wealth, buying cars, showing em’ of, making her daughters birthday party a super bash. I think what she needs to buy are damask curtains to hide her face.
So all we have to do now is to resolve the issue. If government officials are still planning to do this defecate action, I guess it’s better not to packet our taxes and bestow it upon those corrupt functionaries. I think as a country, we need to help one another to solve this problem. I also really hope that that Napoles will stop.
For my closing remarks, I am infavor of the Pork Barrel so the taxes will be distributed to where it’s supposed to be. I just realized something. Why do we always blame the government when the people are the one who voted? Thats one major problem in the Philippines. They blame almost EVERYTHING to the government. All they do is complain. They’d better check their actions before shouting out “words”
sorry for wrong information, if i did input it…

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