So, I’ve heard about the Intrams recently. And I was pretty much scared joining it. It’s actually because I’m not into sports. Straight forward, I hate sports. I just think its not my thing. I hate kicking balls or dodging them or hitting them, whatever! I just hate it. I kind of admit that I was pretty much good at badminton when I was grade 6. I would hit the shuttle cock when the opponent throws it to me like 9 times in a row continuously. I know its not high for you, but it is, for me. Michaelas totally forcing me to join the badminton, so I’ll agree. But please don’t laugh at me. I’m not that good at it. I think all because of me, team 2 will really lose. I wish I’ll be more like Michaela, Princess, Joshua, or whoever is good at it. I guess I’m too sissy for sports. Lol. Well, Like what Michaela said, Skills in badminton are just trash. Its the focus thats important. She really wasn’t helping… But thankyou?

Anyways, I’ll just try my best…

Wish me good luck. Please😭😱


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