For My VLC Roommate…

Okay, so before I start, VLC is like our field trip. But it’s really different from my prior field trips. Why? First of all, our transportation will be a plane. Habitually, schools depend on buses to transport the students to their destined place. But now, it’s diverse. We’ll be taking a plane, as I said earlier. Getting back on track, I’m really happy because were finally going to have room mates! Though I don’t know who they are. I just hope it’s someone de rigueur and seemly. So I’m supposed to be writing a letter, and here it starts.
Dear Roommate,
I’m really looking forward spending the whole day with you. Just to inform you, please expect that your’e never gonna sleep properly having me around. First of all, I have some issues trying to know what formation I need to do in order for me to sleep. Second, I tend to sleep talk, so you might get annoyed… So that’s it for my sleeping problems. I really hope you’ll get comfortable around me and if I’m not really that close as a friend to you, you might want to open up with me. Don’t worry. I’m not really the worst room mate you will encounter. I’ll try my best to be at least adequate. And incase I get too talkative about some things, you might want to inform me so I could be alarmed. I’m not really a bad room mate, and if you think I am, I’ll make it up to you. I think It’ll be fun getting to stay in our rooms after a big trip, then just lying down on the bed with the cool air watching the television. We might want to dig in some junk foods as well. haha. I just hope we don’t get caught. I also hope your’e to be a room mate who has lots of games in your brought gadget because I don’t think I’m even allowed to bring my personal IPad. I also hope your’e a fun, outgoing girl, just like me! I really have lots of multi-fold activities that we can do together. Oh and please don’t be that boring, sleepy head. 
Being a room mate for me, is not just all about being a room- mate. I think its about fun. hehe. yup thats me and you have to go with my flow. Well, I just expect to have fun with you!
                                                                                              Your’e future room mate,
So back to my blogger personality, that’s pretty much the whole letter scheme thing. I really feel sorry if my room mate thinks I’m bossy or whatsoever. Well, I’ll try my best to have a halo just for some few days…
thats it for now,,

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