… Saturday, Sunday, MONDAY…

It was really funny when my classmate said why is Sunday so close to Monday and Monday is so far from Sunday. Can’t deny the fact that she has a huge point here, right? So anyways, I’m here to talk about “Monday”. Not yesterday, not last Monday, not even last month, but TODAY. So Monday today gave me a very neutral feeling. I was a bit happy and a bit sad. First of all, why was I happy? Not only because I was reunited with my classmates again after my 3 days of absence but I finally got to sit with my best friend! @michaelabaluyut04! It was really fun finally getting to sit next to one of my close friends. Then, I got perfect in my Mandarin test! Oh my gush I just can’t tell how happy I am. I’ve never been used to getting this high grade thing especially in Mandarin! Next we were dismissed 1:30! Yeah! No Science! Though I love Science but what I meant was… MORE HOURS OF FREE TIME!!! So that’s it for my “why-am-I-smiling-reasons”.

Second, Why do I feel bad? Ugh, it’s just that I’m expecting for me to get a low grade on Hekasi. I really hate talking about it so moving on, I also feel bad because Michaela told me she was going to post the stolen shot she took of me on Face Time! Talk about total shame. Last, I took my oral test in Filipino, cause I missed it. While performing, I quite stammered and instead of saying past tense in Filipino, I mistaken that for present tense. Talk about complete humiliation. I just hope my teacher is really considering.

This day was also creepy because while going home, someone just screamed at my back. I don’t know who it was. A serial killer…? haha. I don’t know. Then when I went to the lobby of my condo, I still heard the same voice screaming. Creepz right. So that’s why I don’t prefer walking.

Bye! ~_#


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