Never Expected High School to be This’…

To be honest, I thought high school was really similar to elementary. All those easy tests, easy quizzes, EASY LIFE, kind teachers, and so on. But, NO. High school is totally different. It’s harder than what I thought. I had more challenges to face. I had harder tests, harder quizzes, HARDER LIFE, stricter teachers and so on. I’ve kinda been sad because some of my marks were really low. I never expected this to come. I became more irresponsible and less-time conscious as I grew older. You know I hate bad grades. It’s like seeing a test paper with a failing mark then you just want to rip it into small pieces until it goes out of your sight.

That’s why now, I’m serious when I say, I’ll give my best effort this second term. I’ll aim for a higher point, and get better grades. Grades, though, are not the only thing I shall improve on. I shall also be better on my character.I want to be more responsible, more aware to deadlines, more respectful and all the good things you can name. Since there’s always a second chance, I’ll take that moment to reach higher than my parent’s expectations. They might think I’m dumb for this first term but what they don’t know is bad grades help me,  for every bad grade I get, the more motivation comes to me. Though I’m not saying I’m gonna get lots of extra bad grades for extra motivation. haha. I already had enough motivation to aim higher.

So this is a very short blog, obviously, I hope you’re PATIENT ENOUGH reading this.

owkie. Bye bye


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