Math,Science,Hekasi… ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!

I just noticed, for this first term in English, I’ve lately been failing some of my quizzes. Of course I was depressed. Who would be proud of that? So anyways, since life offers to us a second chance, I know I can improve on this subject. First off, I’ll be more attentive to my teacher’s discussion. I’ll be focusing on that particular subject until I master it. So when a quiz comes, unexpectedly, I’ll feel totally chilled ^-^. Second, I’ll read in advance so when the teacher is discussing the recent subject, I’ll just recite and remember: Reciting=Higher grades!!!!!!! Last, I’ll explore more about English. So it’ll be when English time is ongoing, I will think of it as something fun and not stressing. One way of exploring English is reading books. This improves your grammar, widens up your vocabulary, and helps you find English more interesting.

Changing the subject, though it’s still a little related, the next question is what are the three most unforgettable experiences during the first term in English. Believe me but its a lot! Its really a lot since our English teacher is really fun. You might think she gives a lot of entertainments, but she makes English really interesting. Okay, lets start with Top 3. It was really unforgettable when we had this sort of teamwork-work then I was partnered up with someone. We really thought it was hard, so we got a low score. Days came when I realized that the subject was easy. So the lesson is read in advance, as I said earlier.
Since my favorite lesson is Imagery, let me put that on Top 2. I really liked it when we were discussing about that. It taught me a lesson that we always need to use Imagery to make a story much more appealing to the readers. So starting that day when I knew about this “Imagery” thing, I wrote a lot of stories myself then people from our house complimented me by saying how I improved and how I made more interesting literatures. Thanks, Imagery. All credits to you 😉!
The first one is,,, the experience of getting to blog😁… Well guys, seriously I haven’t actually blogged a single post when I was elementary. I was so clueless like, what’s blogging? Until I came to grade 7. Then now I’m like ” Man, blogging is really fun”. 
Last question lining up, sorry to keep you waiting, anyways, I’ll just summarize the question. What “new” thing would you recommend to make the subject more engaging? Well games is a really common answer, so I guess I’d have to go with, more stories?? yeah. Probably, that. So, to be honest, I don’t like mega overloads of lessons like adverbs, nouns, though it’s easy but, how do I say this, Its stressing me up. Maybe it’ll be colorful and have more more meaning when we read more stories, but the interesting ones. Not like “The Life of Van Gogh” though I have nothing against Van Gogh okay? He’s a great artist but my type when choosing stories are so different.
So, that’s all for now… 
Stay up for more recent and interesting blogs. If your’e interested. 
This blog was meant for homeworking…

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