Avril Lavigne *-^

I’m not kidding but I’ve been obsessing about Avril Lavigne since I was ten, by obsessing, I mean in a fan girl way. So I’ll blog about her today which is pretty obvious, right? So anyways, Avril’s full name is Avril Ramona Lavigne Kroeger , since she was married to a black guy. FYI, she was married two times. Her first spouse was Deryck Whibley but they divorced. I wouldn’t tell the story now.

So Avril Lavigne lived in Belleville, Ontario which is in Canada, if you don’t know. All I know is that she’s half French and half Canadian.

Moving on, why do I like Avril?

First of all, I love her songs. Some of my favorites are “Smile”, “I Love You”‘ “Complicated”, “HERE’S TO NEVER GROWING UP”! I love that song, and much more.

Second, I love her personality. She’s bubbly and funny. I just remembered. She ate a roach. It was weird. Specially when she’s in front of her fans. Though I think it’s cool. I mean who knows what a roach tastes like? It’s not like I’m going to eat one okay? But if you guys ate one, you’re pretty cool.

Third, her fashion. I love it how she dyed her hair in her album “Smile”. She dyed her blonde hair with green and pink streaks and I’ve been wanting to do that in Summer. Using Kool-aid. Just hope it’ll work. I think it will not since I have black hair. I can dye it blonde. Lol. Just kidding. I also like it how she matches clothes which are totally my type. And lastly, her over-sized glasses. I really love those glasses. I’ve been dying to get one but my mom said I’ll look weird. So I just bought the normal ones. :(((((

Lastly, her confidence. She’s super confident. Really. One time, she got drunk, but still attended her concert. And she doesn’t really care what she’ll look like in front of the stage.

So that’s all for now If you also love Avril Lavigne,,,, your’e really cool.

So anyways, bye!

~here’s to never growing up~ 


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