Uniforms on Fridays

I don’t really know why I chose that title but I’ll stick with it. So in this blog, I’m just going to tell you about today. So what did I do today? I think I forgot. Oh yeah. It was our summative exams. To describe the exams we had today (which is btw, Science and Filipino), it was really easy. First went Filipino. As soon as our Teacher went in our room, we thought it was the end of the world since Filipino is the subject we really failed at. But when we knew there were choices, we were so relieved. We finished after 1 hour when we were supposed to be finished in 2 hours. So imagine how easy the test was. We studied in advance for Science for like 30 minutes, So which means we still have thirty minutes more. We were super bored so our teacher decided that we have early snacks.

Something funny happened between Charm and Nathan. I can’t emphasize how funny it was. But it was really funny. It almost choked me to death. I was so red that time, I couldn’t cool down so I decided to eat some chocolates. When I knew, it only made it worse. How dumb of me, right?

Then came Science. We also thought the test was hard but it was easy because it was more of an essay writing, and I think 1/3 of it was multiple choice. Plus we had bonus questions. The hardest there was guessing the full name of our teacher. I just hope I got it right.

So we were dismissed and stuff. It was 12:00 and I was suppose to go to my mandarin tutorial at 1:00. So I just hung out with my friends, like that. Until 12:45 came. I heard the thunder roaring so I guess I have to proceed to my tutorial now. I just walked by myself there.

I was so happy after because I finally found Mandarin kind of easy! I just hope I get a high score in our oral. I just hope.

So about the title, it’s just we wore uniforms on a Friday. Which was unusual. 

So, Ciao for now 😀


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