My Brother

Well, I wouldn’t actually describe myself as a good sister. If I could describe me and my brother, it would be ”war”, and if I had to assign the characters in this story, I would most likely be the antagonist. But even though bad times occur, there are always the good times. I can’t believe I’ll say this but I can’t live with my brother. Without him, I would’ve never  been satisfied with my life. He makes me laugh, makes me smile, or makes me laugh hysterically until I almost lost my heartbeat. What I love about my brother is that he’s really adventurous and out-going. I would’ve never tried riding even one extreme ride in U.S without him. He knows how to make me smile but sometimes he gets too annoying. Which is one thing why I love him. If I would recall one of the funniest moments we both did, it would be prank calling. I know it’s mean but its seriously fun. The funniest moment in that scene was when he was like dictating orders then the crew who answered the phone knew he was a child so we decided to stop. Anyways, that was the past and we were so immature that time.

I just wanted to say,

Sorry bro

and I love you ❤


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