Love <3

Well, I’m not just talking about opposite sex relationships. It can also be about family, friends or whoever. So main thing is, what is love? Recent answers I’ve been getting were happiness, trust, faith, or maybe even love hurts. Those stuff can be related but I want to dig a deeper meaning of it. So what is it for me?

For me, Love is eternal. It’s never ending. Well, if it ends, it might not be true love. XD I really mean it when I say love is eternal. Nobody can live without love. It’s like oxygen. Everyone will die without it.

Next, love is important. It’s all about caring for someone. It’s nice to feel when someone’s listening to you right? But imagine when our problems stacked up and nobody cared. It really hurts.

Lastly, love is the most beautiful thing on earth. Imagining that you’re being loved makes up your day right? Imagining that there’s always someone who’ll be present whenever you need someone.

So that’s it. Bye. hehe



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