“Managing your time”

Managing your time is important. Why? because if you don’t, it’s hard to identify the first or last thing you need to do. Worse, you might forget the things you need to do. So I’m here to share to you some of my tips on managing your time well :

  • Make a to- do list- I do this specially when exams are coming. So what I write on my planner are like (1. Review for Mandarin, 2. Send the homework via email to teacher, 3. Print this…) Making a to do list will organize the things you need to do so you’ll be like ” Reviewed Mandarin, check”
  • Prioritize the more urgent things more- Prioritize first the things that has an early deadline so by the time the last minute comes, you don’t have to cram and panic.
  • Keep Calm and chill – It’s hard thinking like “Oh no!!!! It’s almost time!” Just chill, okay? Focus on what your’e doing. If you wanna speed up, put extra effort on it. You don’t have to type on the keyboard so fast because the deadline is near. Like what I said, PRIORITIZE the more important things.
  • Start Early- For example, the teacher’s homework was sent to you by email on September 4, then the dead line is on September 6. It’s better to start doing it once you see it so it won’t add to your to-do’s.

Hope I helped you. HOPE


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