“Grade 6”

So today, I’m blogging about Grade 6. Grade 6 was one of the most memorable moments of my life. I missed the times when we shared the laughter, fought, and did crazy stuff together. In fact, I was actually the loud girl in our batch. Meaning the bubbliest one. I really miss my classmates since now we’ve graduated and went part ways. So now, I’m going to introduce to you one by one my classmates when I was Grade 6. Well I can do that because were only 9 in one class.

First off, Bea – Bea was one of my close friends there. She’s really addicted to Taylor Swift and her favorite teachers are the English teachers. She’s super bubbly and she loves sharpening her pencils every minute. 

Nicole- Nicole is in fact the smartest among us. She’s a bit serious and trust me. She never cries. Plus she hates selfies.

Nina- Nina’s like my closest friend there. She loves art so much and she’s the best singer in our class. She really believes in fiction and stuff and she’s really funny when she becomes aggressive.

Julian- Julian likes to fit in a lot and she’s way too talkative. She’s known for her over-curled hair. But she’s kind though.

Next stop… THE BOYS

Akio- I find Akio very talented. He might have had astigmatism but he’s so good in gymnastics and he memorized all the presidents, flags, and countries in the world. He even knows how to draw the whole world map!

Reinhard- Reinhard’s like the super serious guy but he’s really funny. I didn’t know where he got those jokes… I think from 9gag but he’s the comedian there.

Lance- Uhm, he’s the sporty one in our class and he’s the smallest guy. He’s super serious too.

Roy- Super serious but his jokes are natural. He’s like the sensitive-at-touch guy and he’s my number one rival when it comes to Math. We would always compare our scores after we receive our tests and we would rival on who’s going to be top 2. Sad thing is… I WON!

I really miss them. I came to the reunion on Friday then the peeps I saw were Roy, Nina and Lance.



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