I love comics. To be honest, I prefer the “original” comics than the Japanese comics. I have lots of Japanese comics here at home and trust me, you’ll get tired easily reading those comics. Why?

1. You have to read it backwards

2. Japanese comics do have English subs but do you know those times when the animes have reactions then Japanese words come right out the sides. I don’t understand those words.

3. The story is really dramatic. It’s full or crying, dying, love, fighting, etc. Nothings wrong with those but Japanese comics OVER EXAGGERATES the character’s feelings.

Some of those types of comics I have are “Kuro Gane”, “Eternal Sabbath”, “Nodame Cantabile”, ” Ponchan” and the like. And trust me. I’ll never give a 5 star rating for one of those books.

Oh and hey one more thing about Japanese comics. They cost too much! Like around 300 php. So believe me when I say Japanese Comics are really not that nice.

Moving on, I like comics better than books because there’s already a picture and not words. I’m not lazy but 97% of the world’s population prefer pictures than words. Right? haha


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