I really love travelling. Specially when we go outside the country. So far, the best country I’ve ever visited was Singapore. Well, I think the only place I’ve appreciated there was The Universal Studios. Anyways, before we get to that topic, let’s start with the first thing we go through when we travel. Riding an air plane. Okay, here’s the truth. I don’t like riding planes.

First off, I can’t move freely. Having a tight seat belt wrapped around your stomach is seriously annoying. It’s like when your’e trying to reach for your bag or something but you can’t extend because there’s a limit. Second, the scent. I rode at Zest Air one time and believe me. It really smelled zesty. Something like an orange freshener. I know orange smells good , but the scent there was taken way too far. Once you inhale the aroma, your head will hurt. Third, the feeling when your tummy’s being tickled because the plains going up and down. I really hate that. So what I do when that occurs is I just wrap my hands around my knees and bend my back.

Okay. So I’m not really here to talk about planes or any stuff related with that. I’m suppose to be talking about travelling. Right? Moving on, why do I love travelling? I love travelling because I learn lots of things like the country’s culture, history, destinations, and the like. To be honest, I love travelling because of the entertainments. But I still love learning. Travelling for me is like exploring and knowing much more things in the world.

Some of the places I’ve already visited were Shenzhen, Beijing, Hongkong(so common), Macau,Malaysia, Singapore then I forgot the others.It’s mostly China cause my fathers Chinese and he wants us to discover more about his uhm,,, how do I call this… more about China 😀

So I really didn’t talk much today because I don’t know what to share. Anyways, stay tuned!!!


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