If your’e going to ask me, “What makes you happy?”. Very simple😀. Im already happy if i made someone’s day. Though theres more things to be happy about. Like my friends, my family,and God. But the question here is, what is happiness? True happiness is giving it away. Like what I said earlier, making up someone’s day. Well what I meant with “giving it away” isn’t like giving it ALL away. I meant of it as sharing.😊

Just always remember. For one minute of being angry, you already lost 60 seconds of the opportunity to be happy. Here are some tips on how to be happy:

1.Smiling. Smiling is a sign of being happy. It’s contagious. When someone smiles at me, I start smiling too. Now that’s what I call “sharing”.

2. Do what you love. Here’s the thing. Why would we do something that will make us stressful, sad and desperate when there’s more things to do that will make us happy?     Complete commonsense.😝

3.Be what you are. Pretending to be someone else is stressful. It makes you super conscious and think like “Oh no! I did the wrong thing!😵”.  So main point is, don’t change who you are!

4. Be with someone who makes you happy. Like in my recent blog, a friend. Well not only a friend but your family, God, or maybe even a stranger. Being with someone who makes you happy will just… make you happy. That special someone will be the one who’ll make you laugh, frown, and smile 😄

Last but not the least…

5. If you want to be happy, then be.

” Life isn’t all about the breaths you had but its about the moments that takes your breath away” 😄

Don’t forget to breath!!! ☺☺☺☺☺

there’s more things to be happy about. More tips, and, more ways!!! Find the place, the path, and the PERSON who makes you happy 😀

SMILE!!! BE HAPPY!!!!!!😄


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