Annabelle the doll(better version)

First of all, if you guys don’t know who Anabelle is, Annabelle is a real life demonic doll. So you all would get familiar, I will tell you her story. There was a girl celebrating her 28th birthday with her room mate. Her mother gave her a doll as a birthday present. The girl putted the doll on her bed before she left for school. When she came back, the doll’s legs were crossed and so as it’ s arms. There were also notes left on the floor saying ” Help me”.Her room mate got curious so they called a medium( a person who speaks to evil). The medium revealed that the doll was possessed by a dead girl. Her room mate’s friend didn’t believe the story. When her room mate’ s friend was sleeping, he had a night mare that the doll was squeezing his neck. When he woke up, the doll was sitting next to him. He checked his chest and saw scratches. He told what happened to the two girls. They decided to donate the doll to a museum. So when the owner of the museum got the doll already, the doll was rode in the back of the car. They got scared because it didn’t feel comfortable having an evil spirit with them. On the way, they got lost. The guy threw holy water to the doll, then they got back on track. 7 years later, a guy visited the museum. He didn’t believe the story and summoned the doll. On his way there bumped a tree then died.


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