We Speak: Write It Up, Talk It Out!

For those who doesn’t know, We Speak is our school’s language fest. It’s the time where we get to express ourselves using words. We have certain courses such as essay writing, di-handang talumpati, impromptu speech, debating, and so on. This year, I went for poetry recital. This event was a very traumatic experience. Okay, so here’s what happened. At first, I thought the mechanics was like, the apprentice was the one who was going to make the poem then the mentor was going to derive it. But, I was wrong. The mentor is going to write the poem then the apprentice needs to memorize it within a given time: 2 hours: which is pretty long,then after 2 hours, the apprentice needs to derive the poem in front of the judges… and students. Bad luck for me cause guess who I am, the apprentice. So it means I needed to memorize this 5 paragraphs poem. The poem that was given to me was about Technology. For the first 1 hour, I spent that time for the first 3 paragraphs. Bernice ( my mentor) told me to stop loving the floor and the walls because I kept on looking at them. She taught me how to make eye contacts with the audience and the judges. She also told me how to deal with forgetting the lines. She’s a really fun mentor >_< . I got surprised when I knew she won the poetry recital last year, so I think It’ll be a shame if I failed her. So I spent most of the time memorizing the lines. For the last 5 minutes, I asked help from Ms.Magpayo. She really helped alot because she gave me keywords, techniques and tips to easily remember. So the time came, when I stood up in the middle. I was all good at the first 3 paragraphs but when the 4th and 5th came, I was speechless at the moment. I did some mannerisms that I usually do when I have stage fright. So I pretty much adlibed the whole thing. After I was done, I went straight outside to chill a little bit. Then Bernice told me to come inside so I can’t miss the other’s. I didn’t miss Josephine. She told me she forgot all her lines (worse than me). After we all finished reciting, Josephine and I went down. I helped her forget what happened because I could see, she was really embarrassed. I just laughed this whole experience thing and made it as a lesson. Maybe I could do better next time. I really learned a lot from We Speak. It taught me that when you put trust in yourself and if you derive messages that comes from the heart, your appearance in the middle of the stage will be a success. We also watched students who did open mic. We ( Michaela, Me, and Moriah) – wow letter Ms- decided not to go do open mic because we think It’ll be embarrassing. Anyways, I really learned a lesson in this event:)


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