Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Just yesterday, We ( My mom, my brother and my brother’s friend) went to the mall to watch a theater. We really wanted to watch the movie “Conjuring” but we can’t. Not only it’s R-13 but my brother said that movie was banned from the Philippines because lots of people were traumatized. I didn’t really know what happened in the story. So we just decided to watch “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters”. I didn’t mean to spoil anything but if I don’t spoil it, I would be talking about nonsense… again. So this was what happened. When Annabeth, Thalia, Grover and Luke ( I might be wrong because I really don’t know who was in the event. Sorry) were kids, they were chased by a mutant cyclops. While they were running, one of the guy( Oh my gosh I forgot who he was again) got his leg stuck under the tree. But of course his friends were caring, they helped him. It took time until the cyclops got closer to them. Thalia protected them by fighting the cyclops. She won but she eventually died. Zeus ( Thalia’s father) gave her another way to live. He turned her into a tree that will protect Camp half-blood.  So, as days go by, Percy already joined the camp. He was friends with Grover and Annabeth. He was also bullied by a girl named Clarisse ( daughter of the goddess of war). Percy was annoyed because he knew that he had a cyclops brother (tyson). He was really clumsy and noisy.When the camp knew that the tree that was protecting them from evil creatures was dying, Percy knew that it was Luke’s fault. He poisoned the tree so that evil creatures could enter. Clarisse was assigned to find the golden fleece ( a fleece that when you put something under it, the object will come to life) Percy, Annabeth, Tyson and Grover followed them secretly.Percy followed because it said in the book, the eldest living son of the Gods will either be the salvation or the destruction. On the way, Grover got kidnapped. So Percy and his friends has 2 quests. Find the fleece and find Grover. After some time, they encountered Clarisse’s boat with some pack of servant zombies. They were stuck in a mouth of a monster. Percy solved the problem. They got out. They also found Grover.  The real battle begun when Chrominus was released from his grave. Percy found his week spot then BOOM end of the world. Just kidding. Chrominus got killed, as always. Then they put the fleece in Thalia’s dying tree. But the fleece was too powerful that it made Thalia alive too. Now she was the eldest. The question is, will she be the salvation or the destruction?


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