” Imagery”

So we were assigned to make an example using imagery. Before I go do all the blabbering, I will first take you further on what imagery is. Imagery is the author’s use of descriptive language to make the statement more appealing to the readers. For you to understand this, I’ll describe to you a scene using imagery. So now, I’m actually imagining a scene with tall, green trees encircling around me.The bantam snow flakes fell upon their leaves. The air is a bit gauzy and I can scarcely see whats in the bottom. Just as the wind blew, I can smell the confection aroma of the air. It was windy and it felt so frigid and numbing. After a few minutes, I heard the loud, roaring rustling of the trees. It sounded like branches hitting one another. So in this example, I used aural(hearing), olfactory(smell), etc… (I forgot the others). But i didn’t include gustatory (tasting) because I don’t know if anyone can taste something in a scene. Well maybe if they can taste the wind or the snowflakes. 

K guys. Have a great Sun- Monday 🙂

No classes today due to typhoon so I just planned to blog. hehe



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