More about me

So you saw my title, right? The contents of my blog isn’t all about drama like “I am what I am. No one can stop me” or “Be what you are… don’t pretend… BLAH” I’m actually going to introduce myself. Okay… Here it goes…

My name is Janika Senados. I get teased a lot because of my surname. Most people would usually think I’m a senator, which doesn’t make sense. I’m 12 years old and my birthday is on the 19th of December (or December 19. hehe). My hobbies are reading books or anything that’s related to English. I’m not saying my grammar is perfect, okay? I’m just sayin… I also like music. Especially One Direction and Avril Lavigne. Sports… I hate sports. I just hate to much movements, but I like dancing. If you will ask me about food, to be honest, I would usually get caught digging in junkfoods. Maybe thats why I’m small. I’m more of a “drink” than “eat”. My favorite drinks are milktea(!!!!!!) I love milktea. I just love the pearls though. I also like the chocolate malt at our canteen. Its so chocolatey and I love chocolates so much. Don’t think of me as a junkfood lover because I also eat healthy. Anyway, thats all for now. You can ask some questions below;D


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