“What Mandarin For Me Is”

One word to describe Mandarin: hard. I know all of you don’t find this true because you’ve been studying this for years, but I’m new so I guess I’ll have to face what life throws me. The hardest thing I find in Mandarin is memorizing those characters. Like now, I have to cram because my quiz is on Tuesday. My Mandarin tutor is going to give me something like a practice exam and if I fail, he might scream at me (which never occurred before). I find memorizing the pinyin really easy ,though. Maybe that’s why my dad only speaks Chinese, not write. I actually started learning Mandarin when I was grade 5. So you can picture me right there just listening and when asked, speechless. My Mandarin teacher before in PG was really confusing. She just gives us a handout that has a long essay then the day after, she throws a quiz at our faces. Hehe. That’s all for now.


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