” How To Memorize Faster”

Are you a having hard time memorizing terms in Science and other subjects? I can give you 2 tricks how to lessen those problems. 

Tip#1: For example, you are given the names of the planets. What you can do is think of something common to it :

Mars= chocolate bar

Venus = beauty queen

Mercury = drugstore

Tip#2: I do this a lot. For example someone asks me to memorize the different kinds of phobias. You can substitute the names:

Anglophobia = Angle

Apeirophobia= Appear

Ataxophobia= tax

Scientists have also proven that when you highlight words with blue highlighter, you will memorize the terms faster. 

You also need to drink a lot of water so your brain would function well and so your blood circulation would improve.

Last but not the least, you can put titanium or carbonized titanium on your neck so your blood will flow well too. I have these kinds of necklaces. The brand is actually Phiten. XD


Hope I helped you =>


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