PAPEMELROTI!!!! and how my Saturday went

I really enjoyed our trip to Papemelroti yesterday! All of my classmates came but Kamille and Butch were late so… they pretty much missed the whole thing.  At first, I thought the venue was too small for us, but It was pretty big. As they say, “Looks can be deceiving”. So lets get to the main point. First thing we did  was make handmade paper. The instructor (I forgot her name) said that this handmade paper thingy was originated from China and is also from Japan and Korea. I really don’t understand it’s history. Then this paper thingy passed on to different places. That’s how it got here. Our paper turned out -well? I wouldn’t consider it as a decent paper though. Its very bulky and crumpled. At least it has a bit of uhh-teamwork. Next we took pictures of stuff from the store that we might as well do as a project. We were supposed to finish at 11:00 but ended up 10:30. At first, we decided to go to Chocolate Kiss but it was closed and going to open at 11:00. Some of our classmates left so I was left with Antish, Charm, Leora, Michaela, and Eunice. We decided to go to KFC, haha! So we did. We screamed the whole time we were crossing the road because we didn’t know how to cross the road.   I was fetched the earliest among us 6 girls. I was begging my mom if I could stay in for something like 10 mins. perhaps? but she disagreed because I still have my Kumon and Art class.  I’m so happy because I finally passed the achievement test in Kumon! So I don’t really like telling what happened in Art class. Its just that drawing Greek goddesses stuff. We went to gateway to watch Wolverine. I like the movie because Logan was pretty hot AND I like the events that happened. I was surprised because this is the 1ST TIME a hero got in love with an Asian girl.

#have a nice Sunday


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