“Just another Friday”

Today was really… okay?. Anyways, today, we had a joint pit stop with the Namwaran. We planned about the groups for our summative tests. To be honest, I really dont like some of my group mates( I wont enumerate) because most of them are really addicted to they’re iPads. So they easily forget the main topic. THEN we had A.C.T.S.. I love ACTS! Ms. Rosette invited a girl named Jen Horn. Guido kept laughing the moment he heard her name but whatever. It sounds American though=D. Teacher Jen discussed to us things like nature and whatsoever. She told us to “Cut the crap” so that’s really easy to remember. It actually means stop throwing garbage.Most of our discussions were focused on using cloth diapers than the normal ones, etc. and about cigarette butts. She was promoting to us her brand called MUNI. She also designs clothes which made Nathan CRAZY WILD! Next, we had our snacks! Michaela came to my house yesterday and made Pastillas. We had “some” problems making those. We shared the pastillas at snacks. Our classmates were like ” Why is this so soft?” but when they tasted it, they were like “Wow! this tastes awesome!” So I was pretty much happy!=D Next, we had our- wait. I forgot. Was it… oh yeah. The high school orientation came next. So only the grade 7-8 came down :O.. What happened was some grade 9 students shared they’re experiences about entering high school. They were funny though =]. The videos shown to us were also funny! haha. They also gave us these paper thingies that we use to enter college abroad____ something like that. Next was our lunch. Nothing actually happened. haha. I just listened to the songs “Guessing” -against the currents. Its my favorite song! I also feel like I can relate to it! I like the band Against The Currents! they have really good voices. I  not sure if they use auto-tune but, yeah. Next was the MILE community hour something. It was complicated but I just screamed for Ms. Adraincem and Mr. Salem. B)…  Lastly, we had our chaplaincy. We built architectural structures using straw. Vivienne kept eating the tape. haha. We also watched a short film about Liz’s life. Shes so inspiring! I wont tell what happened. NO SPOILERS!!!!! Lolz. 


_____ Sorry if my blog is really long.

——–My Friday is long. Thats why.


Have a top-notch thursday 🙂


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